The Neherkade in The Hague is currently undergoing a dramatic transformation. As part of this, Sterk has made a long combined wall for the widening of the quay/shore. We also made a cofferdam as well as several sheet pile screens that are part of an underpass for traffic. The removal of the old quay wall is also done by Sterk.

The quay is being widened to make space for extra and re-designed intersections. The new wall consists of a large combined wall that, due to accessibility, was installed from the water using Sterk’s own coupling pontoons. The transportation of the steel tubes was also done via water.

At the intersection “Leeghwaterplein / Slachthuisstraat” a 160 metre long underpass is being created. This will guide the traffic underneath the crossing tram tracks greatly improving traffic flow. As part of this construction we created a cofferdam and several sheet pile screens.

When the combined wall was put into place, a bracing frame was placed after which the excavation could start. The underpass structure was created on site and later was carefully put into place. The space between the underpass walls and the combined walls was filled.

The completion of the project is planned for the end of 2015.

You can watch a short video of Sterk placing the sheet piling for in between the steel tubular piles below.

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Project details

  • Client: Combinatie Reconstructie Neherkade Besix/Dura Vermeer
  • Location: Den Haag
  • Contract value: € 250.000 - 1.000.000
  • Start date: 11-04-2014
  • End date: 13-02-2015

Used techniques

Combi sheet pile walls, High-frequency vibration/extraction, In-water work, Tubular post driving
Sterk - Combiwand Neherkade Den Haag