Tubular piles: vibration, pile driving or vibration-free

With a wide choice of vibration and pile driving equipment, Sterk can apply tubular piles of different diameters and lengths. Recently, we have also been able to do this vibration-free, by twisting tubular piles into the ground. In addition, we have extensive experience in applying fender structures from the water.

Tubular piles combined wall
A (tubular pile) combined wall is a wall that consists of both sheet piling and tubular piles. The tubular piles provide extra strength and rigidity. At Sterk, we have been applying sheet piling vibration-free (by pressing them) for some time now. We have also recently started applying tubular piles vibration-free (by rotating them), which means that we can now install complete combined wall constructions without vibration. Even better is that we can perform both techniques with a single crane.

Reference projects

Sterk has applied tubular piles for numerous applications. For example, for a sailing barrier in Nijmegen, as a quay wall in The Hague or as a supporting structure for a (temporary) bridge.

We often install tubular piles as part of a combined wall, for example for quay constructions in ports. At Sterk we can apply them from the water. Combined walls are also installed when creating tunnels, or as a ground and water retaining structure for the realisation of cofferdams that require deep construction pits.