Auxiliary constructions

Construction sites are not always easily accessible. Sometimes auxiliary constructions are needed, for example to transport material or to place cranes. Our extensive experience in the field of construction work and the application of tubular piles and sheet piles makes Sterk the perfect partner for this.

We prefabricate as much as possible in Sterk Metaal’s welding hall Our professional workers manufacture constructions of up to 40 metres in length and up to 25 tonnes in weight here. Because our company is located by the water, we can transport the structures by ship.

Reference projects

For the expansion of the Stedelijk Museum and the construction of the Atrium, Sterk constructed an auxiliary structure that was designed in such a way that it was part of the stamping and used for logistical purposes. It was also possible to excavate the construction pit and pour the underwater concrete from the structure. That simplified the work considerably.

For another project, Sterk created a crane platform to erect a 160-tonne construction crane. This construction of about 12 by 8 metres consisted of tubular piles, sleepers and fenders and was largely located on the inside of the pit.