You can hire pontoons from Sterk Waterwerken, either in combination with one of our tugboats or otherwise. Sterk owns a fleet of pontoons and modular coupling pontoons in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as several tugboats that can be deployed for a wide range of water work and waterborne transport needs.

The pontoons range in size from 18 x 5 metres to 15 x 36 metres. All our pontoons can be equipped with hydraulic spud poles and/or hydraulic hauling winches. Modular coupling pontoons of various sizes can be deployed for locations that are inaccessible via navigable waterways.

We have a range of tugboats available for waterborne transport. Do you need help with towing? Or would you like us to arrange waterborne transport? We can look after all your needs. It is even possible to load and unload the load at our site in Drachten.

All our floating equipment is SI-certified and suitable for navigation on all large rivers in the Netherlands and the Waddenzee.