THE foundation specialist

Our company consists of 3 branches, each with its own specialty. This enables Sterk to offer a complete package of services.

Sterk BV is the foundation specialist in the field of soil and water retaining walls and supporting structures. Our activities? Installing steel sheet piling or tubular piles, anchoring, pile driving and removing old foundation piles.

Sterk Metaal BV specialises in customised welding: in various lengths and weights, in all positions and material thicknesses. Among other things, Sterk Metaal makes large bracing frames and fender and temporary constructions. But we can also take good care of smaller piecework.

Sterk Waterwerken BV, with its towing boats and pontoons, enables us to carry out our work from the water. This equipment is also available for rental.


Foundation Techniques

The vibration-free or low-vibration installation of sheet piling | Concrete pile driving | Anchoring | Removal of foundation elements


Innovation Techniques

Innovation is in our DNA. Sterk values creative employees who come up with progressive concepts. This is how we remain Foundationally Innovative!


Sterk Metaal BV

Sterk Metaal BV is the welding and construction department of Sterk. Certified in almost all qualities of steel and material thicknesses. Sterk Metaal makes constructions both prefabricated in its own welding hall or on location with one of our well-equipped welding crews.


Sterk Waterwerken

Sterk Waterwerken enables us to carry out complex foundation work from the water. Sterk Waterwerken also rents out pontoons and provides towing services.


Steel Rental and Sale

Sterk has a large stock of sheet piles, tubular piles and beam steel which is available for both rental and sale.