Sterk is a foundations specialist in the field of earth-retention, damming and load-bearing constructions. Among the particular specialisms at Sterk’s core is the installation of steel sheet piling either by vibratory means or (static) pressure. However, our activities also include concrete pile driving, installing steel tubular piles with vibratory or pile-driving equipment, and the extraction of old foundation piles. In addition to these foundation construction techniques, Sterk also carries out a great deal of other construction work, and we have a large amount of stock for hire that includes steel sheet piling, steel tubular piles and girder steel.

As a rule, this allows us to supply you with a complete package of services. To ensure our continued position as forerunners in the field, innovation is an on-going activity at Sterk. Consequently, we consider innovation to be a significant part of our business.

Naturally it is highly important in all this to use the correct materials. Therefore, Sterk has an arsenal of tools at its disposal to carry out this work, including a wide range of cranes, vibratory hammers and sheet-pile presses.

Foundation construction techniques

Sterk specialises in the installation of sheet piling. Sheet-piling constructions are used for many structural applications. These can include quay walls, bank or shore protection and walls...

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Innovative techniques

For as long as Sterk has been in existence, we have taken an innovative approach in our specialist field. We attach great value to creative and professional members of staff capable of coming up...

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Construction work

Sterk Metaal welders carry out professional welding activities in our welding shop: certified in virtually all positions and material thicknesses. Here we fabricate structures of up to 40 meters...

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Sheet pile hire

Sterk is the right place to be for the hire (or purchase) of sheet piles, tubular piles, girder/purlin steel (mainly HE beams) and dragline mats. Our sites in Drachten and Eembrugge we have...

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