Steel rental and sale

Sterk is the right place to rent sheet piles, tubular piles, beam steel and crane mats. Our extensive rental and purchase stock of steel sheet piles, tubes and HE beams is located on the premises of Sterk in Drachten and Eemnes. We take care of transport and loading and unloading at the desired location.


Steel sheet piles: rental/sale
We have a large variety of sheet piling: lengths from 5 to 30 metres with section modulus varying from 700 to 6450 cm3.

Steel beams: rental/sale
Our stock of beams consists mainly of HEB beams, in the range from HEB 300 to HEB 1000 and in lengths up to 20 metres.

Steel tubes: rental/sale
Our stock of tubes varies from 406 mm to 1670 mm in diameter, with various wall thicknesses and lengths up to 35 metres.

Crane mats – rental
We rent out various sizes of azobé crane mats. The lengths vary from 5 to 8 metres and the thicknesses from 5 to 25 cm.