Sterk’s expertise is often used to realise underpasses. These are complex projects involving various disciplines. When working on the track, for example, it often happens that a large amount of work is carried out in a very short period of time (such as during a decommissioning). This requires meticulous planning and good communication. Such projects require a company with an enormous amount of experience and knowledge, and at Sterk, we are excellently trained in this type of project: we carry out several of them every year.

Reference projects

Underpasses are often challenging projects. Very often, a road or railway has to be temporarily closed off during its realisation. Then it is important to work as quickly as possible. Sterk has extensive experience with this. For instance, we created this underpass in Oudenbosch in one weekend. A job that normally took two weekends. We also made this underpass for the Rotterdamsebaan in The Hague. In a weekend the A4 near The Hague was opened up, earthwork was done, sheet piling was installed and then everything was repaired so that cars could drive again on Monday morning.