Quay renovation & Quay walls

Many quays in the Netherlands are in need of renovation or replacement. Sterk has a wealth of experience in this field. Especially in the inner city, we are able to do our work well thanks to our innovative equipment. Even if space is limited, or if there are strict environmental requirements.

But we are also familiar with the realisation of (new) large quays, such as for a new loading or unloading wharf. Whether it concerns a large or smaller project, Sterk takes care of it all down to the last detail and applies the construction from land or water.

Reference projects

In Zeebrugge, we made a huge combined wall for the construction of a quay wall. It concerned a wall of no less than 600 metres, consisting of some 220 tubular piles with a length of 30 metres. We anchored this wall.

More modest in size, but no less challenging, was the renovation of a quay in Appingedam, where from the water, with very limited space, we can applied vibration-free sheet piling with a Silent Piler.