Parking garages

Parking garages and sheet piling are inextricably linked. Realising a parking garage often requires a deep excavation and sheet piling is an excellent product to retain the soil or water. Sheet piling can also often just form the inner wall (often coated) of the parking garage.

Two, three, four or five-storey parking garages: we have already made countless of these constructions at Sterk. It is almost always performed with a bracing frame construction or an anchoring construction. Sterk can also use custom-made (mobile) work bridges.

Reference projects

A construction pit for an underground parking garage is almost always large, and is usually located in a densely built-up area. That is why you want to have techniques that are suitable for these circumstances. This allows us to apply vibration-free and low-noise sheet piling in order to minimise inconvenience. That is exactly what we did for the realisation of the parking garage at the Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht. At one of the busiest train stations in the country, Sterk placed the sheet piling in front of a gigantic underground parking garage. But we also created the construction pits for the parking garages at the Atrium building in Amsterdam and the Meelfabriek in Leiden.