Declutching detectors: is the sheet piling interlocked?

Declutching detectors are used to check whether sheet piles remain interlocked across their entire length during settling. Although declutching detectors unfortunately cannot prevent boards from sometimes running out of the lock, the knowledge that boards are interlocked is extremely valuable.

Declutching detectors type Discontinuity©
There are different types of declutching detectors, but these systems are relatively expensive, unreliable or even dangerous. That is why Sterk has developed its own type of declutching detector. Declutching detector type Discontinuity© from Sterk is an easy to use system that is patented with the European Patent Office. Moreover, Sterk has drawn up an extensive protocol for the application of declutching detectors, whereby the placement of each sheet pile board is recorded on video. Our unique declutching detectory system can also be used by you under a license. If you have questions about this, feel free to contact us at

Magnetic declutching detection
Sterk can also offer magnetic declutching detection. An electrical signal indicates whether a declutching detectors has been detected, which means that the sheet pile board has remained neatly interlocked.


As mentioned above, declutching detectors cannot prevent sheet piling from sometimes running out of the lock. But the knowledge of whether or not a board is interlocked is extremely valuable. For example, it can be decided in advance whether or not to take additional measures prior to excavation. This is because it can be very costly at a later stage of a project to limit the consequences of a board that has slipped out of place. That is why declutching detectors, especially in high-risk projects, are a valuable addition to the process.