Sterk Waterwerken: Pontoon rental and towing services

Sterk feels at home on land and on water. Besides installing sheet piling constructions and complete fender structures, we often use our pontoons and tugboats for water transport or foundation work from the water.

Sterk Waterwerken, the nautical branch of Sterk, has the equipment and knowledge to facilitate various types of activities on the water. For instance, we have a fleet of pontoons and coupling pontoons of various sizes and tugboats that are used for a wide variety of water works and water transport. Sometimes in combination with one of our tugboats.


All our floating equipment is SI-certified and suitable for navigating the major rivers in the Netherlands and the Wadden Sea. Our Nautical Coordinator makes sure everything goes well.

The pontoons vary in size from 18 x 5 metres to 15 x 36 metres. All our pontoons can be equipped with hydraulic spud poles and/or hydraulic mooring winches. For locations that are not accessible via open water, we use coupling pontoons.

Tugboats are available for water transport or tug assistance. At our location in Drachten, it is also possible to load and unload the cargo.