Aside from operating in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France, Sterk also works in Great Britain. In 2014 we made a sheet-piling construction of over 240 metres and placed 1135 steel tubes for J. Reddington in Brighton.

The sheet piling forms a foundation pit of 35 by 70 meters. This will be connected to the existing quay wall and be turned into a 3-layer parking garage and an apartment complex.

In order to make the sheet-piling construction the relatively heavy AZ36 and AZ36-700 sheet piles were used. The sheet piles have a length of about 17 meters and were put into place with one of our large crawler cranes. This was done leader-guided with a high frequency vibratory hammer with a variable moment.

Aside from the steel sheet piling, Sterk also placed a large amount of steel tubes. These foundation tubes, with a length varying from 11 to 22 metres were also put into place by means of vibration. The tubes are part of the foundation of the construction.

Because of difficult accessibility, all work was done from on of our pontoons. Sterk has several (coupling) pontoons as well as tugboats that can be used for both transportation and/or waterworks.

Project details

  • Client: J. Reddington Ltd.
  • Location: Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Contract value: € 1.000.000 +
  • Start date: 06-01-2014
  • End date: 31-07-2014

Used techniques

High-frequency vibration/extraction, In-water work

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