Sheet piling: installation by vibratory means

The high-frequency, low-vibration application of sheet piling is Sterk’s speciality. Due to the relatively high production speed, it is one of the most popular methods of installing steel sheet piling. Moreover, this method is well applicable in built-up or inner-city areas.

To vibrate sheet piles, we use our regular crawler cranes, a leader rig or hydraulic cranes. With these machines, many of which were specifically developed by and for our company, we can increase the production speed even further.

If necessary, we apply the additional techniques such as fluidisation or pre-augering. This way, the soil resistance is reduced and there is less vibration nuisance for the environment.

Reference projects

This technique is often used for ground and/or water retaining walls in the construction of building pits, car parks, quay walls and dyke reinforcements. Sterk has already carried out hundreds of projects using this technique, such as this construction pit for a railway tunnel near Zwolle and this sheet piling structure for the South Ring Road of Groningen. For a very extensive overview, you can also take a look at our project page.