Foundation construction techniques

With experienced employees and state-of-the-art machinery, Sterk controls diverse foundation techniques on both land and water. We offer added value by using our knowledge to arrive at the best design and the best implementation method, together with the client. Whether it concerns a construction pit with steel sheet piles including anchoring or bracing frame, driving concrete piles for a wind farm or removing old foundation elements.


Vibration-free sheet piling

Vibration-free sheet piling takes place mainly in areas where vibrations are undesirable due to environmental factors, such as inner city areas. There are various methods to apply sheet piling without vibrations and often also with low noise.


Low-vibration sheet piling

High-frequency vibratory sheet piling is the most popular method of applying steel sheet piling. This is mainly due to the high production speed. Sterk has mastered this technique and any additional measures like no other.


Tubular piles: vibration-free, vibrating, driven

Sterk has years of experience in the installation of tubular piles of various diameters and lengths. We can place them through pile driving, with or without vibration.

By combining tubular piles and sheet piles, it is possible to create a combined wall. The tubular piles provide more strength and stiffness than just sheet piles.


Concrete piles

Sterk feels at home in the heavy piling sector. Because piles with large diameters and lengths are no problem for us. We have various piling rigs at our disposal for the installation of piles for the foundations of buildings or, for example, wind farms.



Sterk offers complete construction pits, including anchoring. For a number of projects, for example, we have already driven steel anchor piles up to lengths of 65 metres.


Extracting piles

We have years of experience in removing old foundations, such as wooden or concrete piles. With a wide range of pile extractors, we can remove piles of almost any diameter.