Water jetting

In order to install sheet piles in heavier foundations or with less vibration nuisance, Sterk can fluidise the sheet piles. This is a process in which we install sheet piling while adding water at the sheet piling point. This water is sprayed with a small flow rate (amount of liquid flowing through per unit time) under high pressure below the board point. This way, we create a temporary water span so that we can install the sheet piles relatively easily, with less resistance and less vibration nuisance. As a result of the low flow rate, the foundation recovers, so that the properties of the substrate hardly change.

Reference projects

Sterk has developed a unique water jetting system to press sheet piling, using a water distributor. We have already successfully applied this technique in many projects. As, for example, in the construction of the parking garage of the Atrium building in Amsterdam, or with the dyke reinforcement of the seawall on Texel. Sometimes to reduce soil resistance and facilitate the installation of foundation elements, sometimes to reduce vibration or noise, but usually for all these reasons.