Construction pits

Construction pits made of steel sheet piling are realised for many types of projects: parking garages, sediment basins, cellars, underpasses … And because Sterk specialises in sheet piling, we know everything there is to know about the realisation of construction pits.

Depending on the project, we determine the ideal implementation method. What is the project location? What is the soil/foundation like? Are there any sensitive objects in the ground? Based on the circumstances, we determine the most suitable technique together with the client: low-vibration, vibration-free, silent piler, sheet pile press, resonance, pre-augering, water jetting, anchoring … Together with you, we will find the optimal implementation method.


No two projects are the same. That is why it is good that Sterk has mastered a wide range of techniques for construction pits. Whether it’s a sheet pile pit in a busy city centre or a pit for a bridge foundation, Sterk has the experience, equipment and personnel to get the job done.