Prefabricated concrete piles are the most commonly used foundation product in the Netherlands, and when it comes to driving in concrete piles Sterk can state with justification that it is a specialist in the field – particularly where heavier pile-driving is required! Large diameter piles (up to 600 mm) and piles up to 33 metres in length pose no problem to us. We are also able to execute operations while afloat on water, and this includes supply operations where necessary. It goes without saying that we can install piles both at perpendicular and tilted angles.

Sterk has a range of pile-driving rigs at its disposal when installing concrete piles. Depending on the project, there is a choice between hydraulic hammers and diesel hammers. The hydraulic hammers have an adjustable force of impact of up to 12 tonnes/m.

Driving in concrete piles is accompanied by the generation of some nuisance in terms of noise and vibration. However, Sterk adopts certain working practices to minimise such nuisance. For example, we can pre-auger and/or fluid-inject to make pile installation easier. Fluid injection can also be employed to reduce the risk of pile breakages (e.g. in the event of hard intermediate substrata).