A Strong Organisation

Sterk has a rich history. What started as a small family business more than 135 years ago, is now an international foundation company specialised in sheet piling, pile driving, welding and construction work, anchoring, removal of foundation elements and more. Sterk has more than 100 employees and branches in Eemnes, Drachten and Bremerhaven, Germany. Would you like to know more? Then please contact us.


1870 – Cornelis Sterk Hzoon is known as a public works contractor
1882 – Cornelis Sterk Hzoon and Tijs Swets signed up for the digging of the Opeinder canal.
1884 – Hendrik Sterk (son of Cornelis Sterk’s brother) settles in Drachten
1912 – Jan Sterk (son of Hendrik) signs up as a contractor and executor of groundworks and waterworks.
1954 – The working ship is exchanged for the mainland.
1970 – Period of expansion by Jan & Jitze Sterk (sons of Henderik Sterk).
1997 – Sterk is acquired by Peter van Halteren.
1998 – Sterk Midden Nederland is founded.
2009 – Sterk expands beyond Dutch borders. A branch emerges in Bremerhaven, Germany.
2013 – Sterk receives ‘Royal Warrant of Appointment’
2019 – Sterk Heiwerken BV and Sterk Midden Nederland BV merge into Sterk BV

Royal Warrant

You don’t just become a Royal Purveyor. This honour is reserved only for companies that have been in existence for at least 100 years and have an impeccable reputation.

We are therefore proud of the fact that as of 2013, Sterk is in proud possession of a ‘Royal Warrant of Appointment’. It is a confirmation of our proficiency and the values we work so hard for: quality, solidity and continuity.