Sustainability policy

Sustainability at Sterk consists of two pillars. First of all, we focus our sustainability policy on the impact our work has on the environment and how we can limit the negative aspects as much as possible. How do we ensure that our work causes as little inconvenience as possible to the environment? How can we reduce our emissions and the damage this causes to the environment as much as possible? Awareness is important here. In this context, Sterk participates strongly in the CO2 performance ladder. Currently, Sterk has a CO2 awareness certificate at level 3. It is our aim to be reach at level 4 within two years. You can see what Sterk is doing in terms of sustainability in the adjacent box. For questions about sustainability, please email us at

Secondly, there is the sustainable employability of everyone who works for us. We ask ourselves what opportunities Sterk can offer as an employer to ensure that employees can continue to function while maintaining their health and well-being. It’s about people, our colleagues, and making sure they can go through life as healthy and happy as possible.

Sustainability: What does Sterk do?

– We consciously deal with CO2 emissions: when purchasing and building machines, we always take CO2 emissions and possible fuel savings into account. For example, we recently purchased two ultra-modern Stage V power packs and our new trucks meet the Euro 6 standard.
– We apply the latest techniques in our equipment. We save up to 35% on fuel with our latest power packs. That makes a huge difference in terms of CO2 emissions.
-We equip our cranes with new Stage V engines. These economical engines reduce CO2 emission. Moreover, this is more sustainable than replacing the entire crane, which can often last for many years
– We are gradually replacing our fleet with electric vehicles. Currently, almost 25% of all our office staff drive fully electric.
– We make as much use as possible of water transport provided by our subsidiary Sterk Waterwerken.
– We design as much as possible in a circular, modular way and with as little material as possible.
– We use green power.
– We are fully committed to sustainability for our new building in Drachten. Both for the construction and the use of the property.
– We are exploring the electrical propulsion of our equipment and are member of ENI (Emission-free Netwerk Infra)


Supporting charities and sponsoring sports clubs in the local community is a nice way for Sterk to give something back. Over the years, we have supported many charities such as Friends for Africa, care institution De Haven and Food Bank Smallingerland. Our director also ran a marathon to raise money for Matchis and a number of our employees cycled from Maastricht to Groningen as part of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund, raising over 21,000 euros in the process.