No foundation work without cranes. That is why Sterk has a wide range of crawler cranes and hydraulic cranes at its disposal. Almost all of these have been modified by us in order to be able to carry out our specific work as well as possible.

With our hydraulic cranes, we actually took this a lot further. We fully developed these ourselves to make the best machines for our type of work. With our largest hydraulic cranes, if the situation permits it, we can install sheet piling up to 20 metres.

Our hydraulic cranes are quickly deployable (assembly and disassembly can often be done within 30 minutes!) and have a high production speed. For example, we create a sheet piling pit quickly and with little inconvenience to the surrounding area. Another benefit is their versatility. With our most recent crane we are able to not only do high-frequency sheet piling vibration, but also vibration-free resonance. This machine can also be used for anchoring, extraction of foundation elements or just for hoisting.

Thanks to our wide range of crawler cranes, which are equipped for larger and heavier works, we are a jack-of-all-trades.

4th Generation

Sterk started building unique custom-built foundation machines more than 20 years ago. And we haven’t stopped. We simply keep finding things to improve.

Whether it’s sustainability, safety or production speed. Not so long ago, the 4th generation was put into service: the ST680-HD. A super modern and enormously versatile crane that is the sum of its predecessors.
With the exception of the JCB, we have videos of all cranes, so you can also see them in action:

Meer weten over een van deze kranen en hoe ze eventueel voor uw project ingezet kunnen worden? Neem dan gerust contact met ons op.