Anchoring or strut frames are implemented when a sheet-piling construction alone cannot absorb all the force from the water and/or soil released during excavation. Strut frames are used mostly as a temporary measure, while anchors are mostly permanent (although in some cases they can also be temporary). The most important advantage of anchoring over a strut frame is that the construction pit remains obstacle free. Note, however, that there needs to be enough space on the outside of the sheet piling for the anchors to be installed. Our experience, combined with a creative approach, enables us to come up with solutions that offer both technical and financial advantages.

There are various types of anchoring systems on the market. Our experienced engineers and cost estimators can determine which system is most suitable for a particular type of job.

The placement of the anchoring rods is done by one of our reliable partners. Our own experienced staff is responsible for the necessary construction work.