An anchoring or a bracing frame are used when a sheet pile construction cannot sufficiently absorb all the forces released by water and/or soil during excavation. At Sterk, we offer complete sheet pile constructions, including anchoring.

A bracing frame is almost always temporary. An anchoring is often permanent, but can also be applied temporarily. If anchoring is applied to a construction pit, the biggest advantage compared to a bracing frame is that the construction pit remains free of obstacles. However, there must be sufficient space on the outside of the sheet piling to be able to install the anchors.

Different anchoring systems exist. Depending on the type of project, we determine the most suitable system. To this end, we look at the height of the piling, (surcharge) load, any surrounding structures and the maximum permissible setting of the construction. A horizontal anchor screen (also called GEWI anchor rods), folding anchors, grout (injection) anchors or HP Anchor piles can be chosen. We then carry out the associated construction work, such as applying anchor points and fenders.

Additional work

In addition to the supply and installation of anchoring systems, additional work can be carried out, such as testing the installed anchoring system, but the positioning in 3D can also be a crucial factor on a project in order to provide clear insight into what is in the subsurface.

The anchor head finish is an important part of an anchoring system. This is where the force is transferred from the anchoring element to the structure to be anchored. Our welding and construction department Sterk Metal can take care of this down to the last detail. In addition, we can supply related steel and auxiliary structures such as, for example, fender structures.