Vibration-free Sheet Piling

The vibration-free installation of sheet piling is a technique that is still gaining in popularity. Because this avoids harmful vibrations, there is a particular demand for it in inner-city areas. In many cases, the technology we use is also low-noise, which further reduces inconvenience. At Sterk you can choose from three different vibration-free techniques:

Sheet piling with one of our pressure rigs
Our pressure rigs can apply sheet piling in packages of four single boards, which ensures high production speed. In this case, the leader ensures proper guidance during the pressing of the sheet piling.

Silent Piler
The Silent Piler is a compact pressure machine that can move autonomously over the sheet piling. Due to its limited size, the Silent Piler can install sheet piling in very difficult to reach places.

The most recent vibration-free technique is resonance. Because a resonance block (resonator) can be attached to one of our hydraulic cranes, this method has a very wide scope of application.


Vibration-free sheet piling: pressing with a pressure rig

Pressing sheet piling takes place mainly in areas where vibrations are undesirable due to environmental factors. Because by pressing the steel sheet piling, we can place them completely vibration-free.


Vibration-free Sheet Piling: Silent Piler

With our Silent Piler we install sheet piling without vibration. This compact machine moves autonomously over the sheet piling and presses it into the ground by clamping to the already placed sheet piling. Ideal for hard-to-reach areas or limited working height.


Vibration-free Sheet Piling: Resonance

Resonance is a relatively new technique to apply sheet piling without vibration.