We have a wide range of machines. which can be deployed for a wide range of applications. For example, our fleet of cranes consists of crawler cranes, hydraulic cranes and leader-guided cranes. Moreover, we have a large variety of vibratory hammers at our disposal. All are high-frequency and employ variable moment technology. Sterk also has its own sheet-pile press and clamps to help extract timber and/or concrete foundation piles. Most of these are not standard machines but adapted to the requirements and demands generated by our work. There are times when simply adapting a standard machine is not enough. For this reason we have developed a number of machines entirely ourselves.

Given the great diversity of machinery at our command, maintenance is of the utmost importance. This explains why Sterk focuses so much attention on the maintenance of its machinery, which undergoes an inspection each year by our technical department. Sterk also closely involves their crain operators with the maintenance of their machines because of all people, they know the machinery the best. Furthermore, we have a rule that prescribes that every crane has its own operator. Lastly, all machinery and related components are subjected to a major annual inspection by external parties.