Sterk carries out all sorts of work for bridges. We often place sheet piling for the land abutments. With our pontoons and tugboats, we apply the constructions from the water.

If necessary, we also take care of corresponding fender structures and construction work. We prefabricate as much as possible in our welding hall. This way, we keep the construction time at a location as short as possible. We prefer to transport these structures by ship, and then place them ourselves.

Reference projects

Replacing the bridge in Dronrijp is the type we as Sterk are very proud of. Virtually all of our specialisms were utilised. We placed sheet piling for the new quay and the construction pits of the land abutments. We placed the tubes for the fender structures. But we also made the fender structures itself. That was largely prefabricated in the welding hall of Sterk Metaal. The water transport and foundation work from the water was taken care of by Sterk Waterwerken.