Construction Pits

As a sheet piling specialist, Sterk has already made hundreds of construction pits with sheet piling. Vibration-free, low-vibration, anchoring, stamping… we can do it all!

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  • Design & Engineeringg
  • Sheet piling, welding and construction work
  • Vibration-free or Low-vibration
Dyke Reinforcement

The importance of maintenance and improvement of the Dutch dykes will only increase in the future. At Sterk we have a lot of experience with both small and large dyke reinforcement projects.

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  • Vibration-free or Low-vibration
  • From land or water
  • Eye for surroundings

Sterk places sheet piling for the land abutments. But we can also take care of the foundation and any required fender structures.

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  • Foundation, abutments and quay improvements
  • Sheet piling, tubular piles, concrete piles
  • Fender structures

Sterk realises several underpasses every year, often in a very short time. Meticulous planning and good communication are crucial. That means you want to work with an experienced partner.

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  • Design & Engineering
  • Sheet piling, welding and construction work
  • Contributing ideas, communicating and planning
Parking garages

No parking garage without sheet piling. Garages with two, three, four or even five layers: Sterk has already made numerous such constructions, often with a bracing frame or anchoring construction.

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  • ODesign, engineering and realisation
  • Vibration-free or low vibration
  • Bracing frame and/or anchoring
Quay renovation

Sterk builds new loading or unloading quays and renovates obsolete quays. We perform the construction from land or water. Vibration-free or low-vibration.

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  • Vibration-free or low vibrations
  • Minimise nuisance
  • From land and/or water


Sterk BV developed from a small family business into THE foundation specialist in the Netherlands and far beyond. With almost a century and a half of experience in the field of piling and innovative foundation techniques, we are a flexible partner for every project.

Sterk makes construction pits, dyke reinforcements, quay renovations, sediment basins, underpasses and more. And no two projects are the same. That’s why we often come up with project-oriented solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for questions about your project.

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Sterk masters various techniques and carries out work from both land and water.