Sterk Heiwerken was founded more than 130 years ago as a small family business and grew into a foundations specialist operating throughout the world. In 2013 Sterk Heiwerken even received the special designation “By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands”, a royal honour for companies that are at least a hundred years old, have an impeccable reputation and have distinguished themselves through quality, reliability and continuity.

Sterk Midden Nederland was founded in the 1990s to ensure better territorial coverage. The branch in Eembrugge, situated just a few hundred metres from the A1, provides a perfect base of operations for jobs in the central and southern Netherlands.

The addition of HAB Heiwerken (as of 2016 completely incorporated into the Sterk Group) allowed us to provide further expertise and specialisation in terms of sheet-piling constructions, in particular for the (pressure) pipelines market. The branch in Bremerhaven has expanded Sterk’s territorial coverage to include northern Germany and, in addition to the installation of steel sheet piling, it also focuses on specialist assignments, such as underwater demolition, for example.

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