Dyke reinforcements and improvement

The Netherlands and dykes are inextricably linked. And the importance of maintenance and improvement of those dykes will only increase in the future. At Sterk, we have lots of experience with small and large dyke reinforcement projects. We mainly use sheet piling and anchoring for this. Depending on the project, we apply the sheet piling with a low-vibration or vibration-free method. Of course, we can carry out our work from both land and water. We are happy to help you decide on the best implementation method. Sustainability and the protection of the environment play an important role in this.


Sterk has already been involved in countless beautiful dyke reinforcement or dyke improvement projects. For example, we contributed to the improvement of the Diefdijklinie, and the Wadden Sea dyke on Ameland and Texel. We also placed all sheet piling and anchoring for the reinforcement of the dyke along the Eemskanaal quay.