At the Jaarbeurs (Convention Centre) square in Utrecht Sterk has installed the steel sheet piles for the construction of a large underground parking garage. A substantial job at one of the busiest areas in the Netherlands.

The sheet piles with a length of almost 20 m were nearly all statically pressed into the ground. Because of the soil conditions the last few metres of the sheet piling had to be installed with a high frequency vibratory hammer. This was done during specially assigned time slots in order to reduce nuisance to a minimum.

The outline of the sheet pile area was pre-augered in order to reduce soil resistance. At the same time bentonite was inserted to prevent the soil from compacting.

Sterk will also be installing the sheet piling for the parking garage entrance. In this case a bracing frame was added for support.

The square is undergoing a great metamorphosis. The plan is that the square will become a place where people can meet, but will also serve as a venue for major events.

Completion of the parking garage is planned for 2018. It will have room for approximately 800 cars.

Project details

  • Client: Combination Jaarbeurs Square
  • Location: Utrecht
  • Contract value: € 250.000 - 1000.000
  • Start date: 15-01-2016
  • End date: 02-02-2017

Used techniques

(Pre-)drilling, High-frequency vibration/extraction, Static driving, Static extraction, Strutting

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