Sterk has made a proud contribution to the construction of the VUmc Imaging Center. This building will house the latest medical imaging technology under one roof which will make it unique in the world! With the help of the newest imaging techniques treatment can be tailored even better to a patient’s unique needs.

This extraordinary building must meet a number of strict requirements. It must be vibration-free and must meet many safety regulations in areas such as radiation safety and pharmaceutical safety while it is also essential that the different devices do not interfere with each other’s functioning/operations.

The new building is being constructed in the garden next to the existing clinic. Sterk installed the sheet-piling of the 155 by 60 metres’ pit for a double-level parking garage. Part of the sheet-piling wall closest to the existing building was pressed into the soil in order to prevent harmful vibrations. The rest was installed by vibratory means.

Most of the sheet-piling wall is temporary, although a small section of it will remain in the soil permanently as it is not possible for it to be removed once further construction on the building has started.

A major part of the construction was anchored with 80 grout anchors approximately 28 metres in length.

Because of the type of work that will take place inside the new building (involving radiation or the storage of medical products) some parts of the concrete wall will be more than 1.5 metres thick.

Completion of the building is planned for 2020.

Project details

  • Client: Ballast Nedam Bouw & Ontwikkeling Speciale Projecten Nederland bv
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Contract value: € 250.000 - 1000.000
  • Start date: 04-04-2016
  • End date: 20-05-2016

Used techniques

(Pre-)drilling, Anchoring constructions, High-frequency vibration/extraction, Static driving, Static extraction