Published: April 24, 2017

Smaller jobs can also be very interesting. For instance, Sterk Spezialtiefbau in Peine, Germany made a moulded basin measuring approximately 16 x 5 metres for a fire-extinguishing water reservoir.

What made the job extra special is the fact that we won the bid for its construction through an alternative design. The solution on the drawing board prescribed that the soil would be excavated and that soil from elsewhere would be brought in after installation of the tank. Subsequently, a concrete floor had to be put on top of the tank to prevent it from being pushed up through groundwater after draining the tank in the process of extinguishing fires.

Spezialtiefbau came up with a solution by mixing the existing soil with cement (“Flüssigboden”). This allowed the excavated soil simply to be re-used for filling the basin. In addition, the strength of the resulting body of soil had several advantages. The right balance made sure that the strength is high enough to prevent the tank from being pushed up and low enough to keep the extinguishing water tank relatively easily accessible in the future.

A nice job, showing that creativity and brainstorming can result in interesting solutions.

Project Details

  • Client: Stadt Peine Immobiliemanagement
  • Location: Peine
  • Contract value: € 0 - 50.000
  • Start date: 01-02-2017
  • End date: 15-03-2017

Used Techniques

Construction work, Design en construct, High-frequency vibration/extraction, Specialist techniques, Strutting
Sterk - Bluswaterreservoir Peine