For the expansion of the zoo in Emmen the Netherlands, Sterk has completed several different activities for its contractors KWS and Koenen Bouw. We installed sheet piling for the build of the “Polestation” (the residence of the polar bears) and the basin of the fur seals.

For the Polestation we installed 112 metres of sheet piling of the type AZ12-770 with a length varying from 5.00 to 9.25 metres. The largest part of this construction has been coated mainly for esthetic reasons. This was done on location. To keep the sheet piling stable, anchoring was put into place as well. Two different types of ground anchors were used. The most remarkable thing about this anchoring construction was that the attachment structure of the anchors to the sheet piles was placed at the back of the sheet piling instead of the front because people thought that otherwise the polar bears would be able to climb out of their stay by using this construction as a step. Our structural engineer came op with a unique solution that allowed for the anchoring to be attached to the back of the sheet piles.

For the seal basin we installed about 277 metres of sheet piling in varying lengths. Normally our clients wish the sheet piles to all be placed at the same height. With this project however certain parts were (supervised by the architect) installed at different heights to create a more playful effect. This sheet-piling construction also utilized anchoring be it that this time the regular (front-side facing) anchor chairs could be used.

Both basins will be made watertight by applying foil witch was attached to the sheet piles using a special construction. Lastly, all locks of the sheet piles were welded shut from the top all the way to the protective foil layer. The last of Sterk’s activities for this great project were finished by the end of March.

Project details

  • Client: KWS en Koenen Bouw
  • Location: Emmen
  • Contract value: € 250.000 - 1.000.000
  • Start date: 06-10-2014
  • End date: 27-03-2015

Used techniques

Anchoring constructions, Construction work, Design en construct, High-frequency vibration/extraction, Strutting