The upgrade of the Eemskanaalkade dike was a major job for Sterk. In just a few months we installed over five and a half kilometres of steel sheet piling to strengthen the dike.

The sheet piles were installed at places where the dike could not be widened (for example, because of a ditch that could not be moved out of the way). In addition to strengthening the dike, all sheet piling had to be earthquake resistant. The area is known for its many earthquakes due to gas drilling.

The vibrations caused by the installation of the sheet piles were carefully monitored up to a distance of 125 metres to ensure neighbouring buildings would not be damaged.

Other activities included removing the old timberwork, the supply and installation of more than 1000 anchors, as well as making the connections to existing sheet piles at the location of underwater piping.

All the work to the northern part of the canal between Groningen and Delfzijl must be completed by 2019. This means that when the upgrade has been finished the dike will meet the latest safety regulations and be earthquake resistant. The sheet-piling construction made by Sterk was finished in December 2016. Right on schedule!

Project details

  • Client: Regional Water Authorities Noorderzijlvest
  • Location: Garmerwolde
  • Contract value: € 1.000.000 +
  • Start date: 13-07-2015
  • End date: 25-12-2015

Used techniques

Anchoring constructions, Construction work, High-frequency vibration/extraction, In-water work

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