Sterk Spezialtiefbau continues to work on extraordinary and specialist jobs. Last year we made a large construction pit for the extensive ‘Baakenhafen’ city renewal project. The structure was made up of a combined wall consisting of both tubular piles and sheet piles that was installed completely vibration-free. It consisted of approximately 160 metres of combined wall for the construction of a parking garage and its two associated buildings.

Both the tubular piles (with a length of 18 metres) as well as the sheet piles were installed with the recently acquired Woltman using two different techniques: the tubular piles were rotated into the ground while the sheet piles were pressed in.

But not only was the installation of the combined wall unusual. The accompanying ‘bracing frame’ was also rather uncommon because the use an adjacent wall to create a bracing frame was not possible due to the location.

Therefore an alternative construction was required. The decision was made to combine horizontal braces (made up of tubular piles) with vertical elements. These were then held into place by grout anchors: two for each brace.

The other half of the construction will be made in a different way and at a later stage. Part of the building will be constructed first so that the bracing frame can installed on the basement deck.

Project details

  • Client: Arge Jacob August Ernst
  • Location: Baakenhafen Germany
  • Contract value: € 250.000 - 1000.000
  • Start date: 28-05-2015
  • End date: 01-08-2016

Used techniques

Anchoring constructions, Combi sheet pile walls, Construction work, Static driving, Static extraction, Strutting
Combiwand Backenhafen Duitsland