Published: June 16th, 2017

Sogea Caroni, a part of Vinci Construction France, has commissioned us to make a sheet-piling construction in Roubaix (France) to service a large basin. Specifically, this is a water detention and settling tank that allows for the storage of excess (rain) water. We are also providing the accompanying shoring structures.

This involves the low vibration installation of sheet piling approximately 13 metres in length using our ETEC. This machine, developed in-house by Sterk, has attracted a lot of attention. Although we have been using this crane for some years now, in France they are not familiar with it and it might even considered a rare sight. Even the inspector who came to examine it said: “I’ve never seen a machine like it. It’s magnificent!”

Installing the sheet piling was laborious at first, owing to the layer of clay in situ. For that reason it was decided to employ fluid injection, a technique that made installation considerably easier. At present, the finishing touches are being given to welding and construction work for the shoring.

Project Details:

  • Client: Sogea Caroni
  • Location: Roubaix (Fa)
  • Contract value: € 50.000 - 250.000
  • Start date: 22-05-2017
  • End date: 30-06-2017

Techniques Used:

Construction work, Fluidisation, High-frequency vibration/extraction, Strutting
Sterk - Waterbassin Roubaix Frankrijk