The deconstruction of an amphibian slope in Wilhemshaven in Germany was the type of specialist job that was tailor-made for our colleagues at Sterk Spezialtiefbau. From a corner of the harbour we removed three slopes that up until recently were used by the German navy to launch amphibian vehicles in the water. Because of a lack of space in the harbour it was decided that these needed to be removed.

To be able to execute the demolition work, two temporary sheet-pile screens were installed. These separated the section that needed to be removed from the existing quay. This allowed the demolition work such as the removal of the top layer of basalt, stairs, old sheet piling and anchoring to be carried out. The construction site is approximately 1800 m2 and more than 2500 m3 of soil needed to be removed and transported away. In addition around 3300 m of anchoring, 250 m2 of concrete stairs and bollard foundations, 46 foundation piles, and about 2500m2 of sheet piling was removed.

It was important that all work was done in dry conditions. Because of the tides, the difference between the lowest excavation point and the highest water level could be as much as 6 m. It was also important to make sure that the soil was free of debris, because at a later stage, after the temporary sheet piling had been removed, the site was going to be dredged down to minus 10 metres.

Project details

  • Client: Strabag Wasserbau GmbH
  • Location: Wilhelmshaven - Germany
  • Contract value: € 250.000 - 1000.000
  • Start date: 18-01-2016
  • End date: 04-05-2016

Used techniques

High-frequency vibration/extraction, Removal of foundation piles, Specialist techniques, Underwater demolition work
Wilhelmshaven Duitsland