The Rotterdam is a multifunctional building directly located at the Wilhelma dock in Rotterdam. The building, designed by famous architect Rem Koolhaas, consists of three interlinked towers with a height of 149 metres. Sterk was responsible for the steel sheet piling as well as the design and construction of the large strut frame.

For the construction pit we placed over 290 metres of heavy sheet piling with an average length of about 24 metres. Although we are no stranger to large strut/bracing frame constructions, this one was challenging even for us due to the sheer size of the pit: 52 by 115 metres. The engineering department at Sterk designed an alternative construction for main contractor Zublin that was made up off large steel tubular piles combined with a girder around the entirety of the pit. The 52-metre width was too great for the use of a single tube pile from one side to the other. Therefore we made a support construction through the middle of the pit.

The unique building, also known as “The Vertical City”, was finished at the end of 2013 and has since then been named one of the ten most enchanting buildings in the world.

Project details

  • Client: Zublin Nederland bv
  • Location: Rotterdam
  • Contract value: € 1.000.000 +
  • Start date: 15-10-2009
  • End date: 15-06-2010

Used techniques

Construction work, High-frequency vibration/extraction, Strutting