For contractor LNK Group we made a large combined wall consisting of steel tubular and sheet piles for a storage terminal in Riga, Latvia. The tubes had diameters between 1020/1420mm and varied in length from 23 to 35 metres! The sheet piles placed in between the tubular piles were AU20’s 18 metres in length. These were implemented with a specially designed clamp so the same vibratory hammer could be used for placing both sheet piles and tubular piles. Some of the tubular piles were driven further into the ground with a hydraulic hammer also from Sterk’s own fleet of equipment.

Project details

  • Client: LNK Group
  • Location: Riga (Latvia)
  • Contract value: € 1.000.000 +
  • Start date: 1-7-2012
  • End date: 31-12-2012

Used techniques

Combi sheet pile walls, Design en construct, High-frequency vibration/extraction, In-water work, Tubular post driving