Published: April 16th, 2018

Sterk provided a large combined wall construction to serve as a quay wall in the port of Zeebrugge. More than 200 tubular piles measuring approx. 30 metres and interlocking sections of approx. 20 metres had to be driven into the ground. This resulted a combi wall of more than 600 metres.

Work was carried out as part of the extension of the Hanze Terminal, one of Europe’s most important hubs for the import and export of vehicles.

Sterk is not new to building combi walls, but works on this scale are an exception. Not only did the job involve the construction of 220 tubular piles measuring up to 30 m long and 1.3 m in diameter, but also the 20 m long interlocking sections. The combi wall had to be anchored, and so we installed anchor plates attached to the combi wall by means of anchor rods as well. In this way, the entire construction became even more robust.

For this job, it was particularly important to take a close look at the various processes in order to complete the work in the most effective manner. By taking a smart look at the entire chain from transport through to installation, we could make better use of the time required for driving tubular piles into the ground and therefore work relatively fast.

The Hanze Terminal (Quay 521 to 527) is used for processing Toyota vehicles in combination with other volumes, and is a port of call for ships from all over the world. The construction of the quay wall was completed in 2017. The extension of the quay wall in the southern inlet was needed to improve the infrastructure. In this way, port authorities hope to meet the challenges of increasing vehicle-handling activities.

Project details

  • Contractor: Besix
  • Location: Zeebrugge (BE)
  • Contract value: € 1.000.000 +
  • Start date: June2016
  • End date: September 2016

Techniques used

Anchoring constructions, Combi sheet pile walls, Construction work, Declutching detectors, High-frequency vibration/extraction

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