Sterk Heiwerken combines the best of both worlds: on the one hand a family business with a long history and a great deal of experience; on the other, the high value that Sterk attaches to innovation and development. When it comes to the installation of earth-retention and damming constructions, we apply the latest technology to the letter. Sterk often generates these innovations itself. Whether the situation demands technology that is faster, safer, more sustainable or more environmentally friendly, Sterk continues to seek out the best installation techniques performed by the best members of staff!

Professional staff
The quality of a business stands or falls depending on the quality of its staff. For that reason, Sterk employs only well-qualified professionals. To accommodate the ever more complex wishes and needs of anticipated future clients, Sterk ensures that there is a continuous influx of staff and takes responsibility for their on-going training and development.

Causing the least possible environmental nuisance
Reducing the problems associated with noise and vibrations are of great importance to Sterk. Thus we are able to install steel sheet piling with hardly any vibrations or even with none at all. If necessary, this can be combined with technology that reduces soil resistance, e.g. fluid injection or pre-drilling.

Charity and community work
Sterk regularly provides support to (local) good causes, such as Vrienden voor Afrika and Amsterdammers helpen Amsterdammers. This June, a team of Sterk employers will participate in HomeRide: a cycling fund raiser for the Ronald McDonald Children Fund. In addition, Sterk supports a number of clubs in the form of sponsorship.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We seek to engage with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through the use and development of sustainable technology.