Vibration-free Sheet Piling: Silent Piler

The vibration-free pressing of sheet piling can be done in different ways. At Sterk, for example, we have been using our pressure rigs for many years: special cranes that can easily be fitted with a sheet pile press on location. Due to lack of space or due to the location of the project, the use of these cranes is not always possible. Our Silent Piler is then an excellent alternative for installing vibration-free sheet piling.

The Silent Piler is a compact pressure machine that can move autonomously over the sheet piling. The device pushes the sheet piling into the ground by clamping to the already placed sheet piling. Because of its compact size, the Silent Piler can reach places that are difficult to reach. It can also be used in case of limited working height.

Reference projects

The Silent Piler is particularly suitable for places that are difficult to reach, or locations with little space. In most cases Sterk uses the Silent Piler, for example, to install sheet piling for a new quay in a town or in front of a ground and water retaining wall under a bridge.