Vibration-free Sheet Piling: Resonance

Vibration-free sheet piling can be done in different ways and resonance is a relatively new technique. It is a cylindrical principle at a very high frequency. Contrary to what you might suspect, resonance does not cause vibrations in the ground or the environment.

A big advantage that Sterk has over other companies that offer this technique is that Sterk can use the resonator (the resonance block) in combination with one of our hydraulic cranes. Because at Sterk, we have hydraulic cranes with a power pack that can drive both a high-frequency vibration hammer and a resonator – which is unique in the Netherlands. This method offers much more flexibility and increases production speed.

Contrary to the pressing of sheet piling, resonance is not low-noise, although there are possibilities to reduce the noise level.

Reference projects

For this project it was not possible to install sheet piles with our hydraulic pressure rig or Silent Piler. But the sheet piling had to be installed absolutely vibration-free. Fortunately, the use of a resonator combined with our ST680-HD offered the solution.