Vibration-free Pressing of Sheet Piling

By pressing steel sheet piling, we can apply it completely vibration-free. For this technique, Sterk uses cranes with a leader. The largest crane can, depending on the (working) conditions, press sheet piling of up to 25 metres.

The vibration-free pressing of sheet piling is a popular technique. There are 3 reasons for this:

1- It does not produce harmful vibrations.
2- There is only limited noise pollution.
3- It does not cause compaction of the substrate.

This technique is a good alternative for projects where vibrations must be avoided,
such as construction pits for an underground car park in a city. But even with dyke reinforcements, water barriers and quay walls, the vibration-free pressing of sheet piling can be the best way.

The production speed of pressing sheet piling is lower than for low-vibration sheet piling. As a result, this method is a little more expensive.

Reference projects

Sterk has already carried out vibration-free sheet piling with this technique for numerous projects. From pressing sheet piling for large underground car parks at the Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht and the Atrium building in Amsterdam, to sheet piling for quay renovation and dyke reinforcements. For an extensive overview, you can of course also take a look at our project page.