Pressing in steel sheet piling has become increasingly popular in recent years. And with good reason! It is vibration-free, quiet and prevents compaction of the subsoil. Consequently, it means that this installation technique is particularly suitable for projects where work has to be done in the proximity of buildings.

Sterk has at its disposal two special pressure rigs used to press in steel sheet piling. In addition, we have a state-of-the-art Silent Piler: a hydraulic pile-pressing machine capable of travelling across the sheet piling autonomously.

Pressure rigs
The THW5525 DD and THW7528 pressure rigs are cranes fitted with a fixed leader. This leader guides the pile press while the sheet-pile planking is being pressed in. This pile press consists of four clamps that can move independently of one another. This allows us to install ‘threesomes’ or ‘foursomes’: sheet-piling comprised of batches of three or four planks.

The Woltman THW55 DD crane weighs 60 tonnes. The somewhat heavier THW7528 weighs some 85 tonnes. These rigs are regularly used by us to press in sheet piling to a length of up to 20 metres. The use of longer planks is also an option depending on the (working) conditions. This is subject to consultation with Sterk’s experts. For pile planks weighing up to 10 tonnes we do not need an auxiliary crane. It is this which makes these pressure rigs unique.

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Pressing sheet piles with the Woltman THW5525

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Pressing sheet piles with the Woltman THW7528

Sheet pile presses
Sterk has two sheet pile presses: the PVE 4180 and the PVE 4240. Each is capable of generating a compressive force of 160 tonnes. We can adjust these presses both in terms of width and in terms of the angle of the sheet-pile planking. This enables us to press in all contemporary sheet-piling profiles. We use these presses to press in sheet-piling batches made up of three or four planks. Only one of the three or four planks is pressed down upon when we press the steel sheet piling into the ground. The remaining planks generate the reaction force that is required during the pressing-in process.

Aids & Appliances
Depending on the foundation, getting the sheet piling to reach the required depth may prove difficult or fail. In such cases, we are able to employ technology to reduce soil resistance, such as pre-drilling or water jetting. A crusher can be deployed if necessary in the event that any obstacles are encountered in the subsoil.

Sheet Pile Extractor
The sheet-piling extractor has been specially developed to extract double sheet piling and has a maximum tensile force of 400 tonnes. For specifications/explanation, please see Special Built.

If you have any queries concerning this installation technique, please contact one of our experts who will supply you with further information.