Sheet piling can be pressed into the ground in various ways. For example, we have been using our leader-guided pressure rigs at Sterk for years. This equipment installs sheet piling in 4-plank batches, thereby guaranteeing a high production speed.

Silent Piler
In addition, we can use vibration-free pressure to install and extract sheet piling by employing the Silent Piler F301. It is a compact pile-pressing machine capable of travelling across the sheet piling autonomously. It presses the sheet piling into the ground by clamping onto the sheet piling already in situ. By this means, it appears to ‘travel’ across the sheet piling. The next sheet-pile plank can be installed thanks to the clamps’ reactive force. A starting frame equipped with ballast can be employed in order to install the first series of planks. A series of short planks can also be pressed or vibrated into the ground (at a favourable location) and the machine can then start off from that point.

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Silent Piling

The Silent Piler F301 is the latest addition to the Silent Piler family and is able to press in both U-planks up to 750mm and Z-planks up to 708mm. Owing to its compact format, the Silent Piler is able to reach areas ordinarily harder to access. For that reason, it is also useful for deploying at sites where work is subject to height restrictions. However, a (relatively light) crane is required to supply the planks.

Aids & Appliances
Depending on the foundation, getting the sheet piling to reach the required depth may prove difficult or fail. In such cases, we are able to employ technology to reduce soil resistance, such as pre-drilling or water jetting. A crusher can be deployed if necessary in the event that any obstacles are encountered in the subsoil.