Sterk has a range of leader rigs that can be fitted with a unit producing a drilling rate of up to 50 ton/m. Sterk’s drilling equipment can be used to loosen or pre-drill / pre-auger the soil. The decision to take this action may be to make it easier to install steel sheet piling and/or steel tubular piles. Pre-drilling or soil loosening may also be performed in connection with environmental factors, because it not only makes it easier to plot the sheet-piling layout, but it also reduces any damaging vibrations. Pre-drilling is also employed to make it easier to install steel sheet piling by means of pressure. We also use this set-up to install casings to a depth of 60 metres.

We also have suspended drills that make it possible to pre-drill to 20 metres. Their design allows them to be mounted to our hydraulic cranes and thus removes the need to bring a separate rig on to the site. If so desired, bentonite cement can be injected during the pre-drilling process to minimise any subsidence.

All the hydraulic cranes from our extensive fleet of machinery be set up to pre-auger / pre-drill the soil.