A (tubular-pile) combined wall is a wall consisting of both sheet piling and tubular piles. The tubular piles provide increased strength and rigidity when compared with a situation in which only sheet piling is used. The tubular piles are equipped with interlocks that connect together the sheet-piling profiles. Once all the tubular piles have been installed, the interspaces can be filled with ordinary Z or U sheet-piling profiles. A combination wall using tubular piles is many times more rigid than the sturdiest type of sheet piling.

We can install combined walls in several different ways and as of late we can also do this completely vibration-free. We’ve been a frontrunner since day one when it comes to installing sheet-pilling without vibrations (by means of static pressure). But more recently we also started to install steel tubular piles vibration-free. Added benefit: we can do both with a single crane.

Combination walls are often used in quay construction for water-related infrastructure. Consequently, Sterk can expertly execute such operations on the water using its own floating equipment. Furthermore, combination-wall constructions are also employed in earth-retention and damming constructions in order to complete infrastructure projects such as tunnels, which require deep construction pits.