Meet the Contractor

We had an interesting networking session yesterday about opportunities in infrastructure in the UK. Called “Meet the contractor” it offered a selection of Dutch companies the possibility to network with the BAM and gain more knowledge about the possibilities of entering the British market. What is the British market like? What opportunities does it offer? What are the challenges? Speakers from BAM Nuttall and BAM Construction explained not only what it is their company does and what it looks for in potential partners, but also how connections and possible collaborations can be forged.

After presentations from the speakers from BAM, several people had the possibility of presenting their own company in a 90-second pitch. A challenge but an interesting one because it makes you rethink your company is really about. With a history going back more than 135 years, for Sterk this is the expertise we have gained through our experience as well as our never ending desire to be an innovator and forerunner.

Thanks go out to the speakers Paul McCracken (BAM Nutall, Major Projects & Rail Sector Business Development Manager), James Lees (BAM Nutall, Head of Supply Chain) en Nick Cooke (BAM Construction, Supply Chain Manager North East) and the Embassy of the Netherlands in the United Kingdom for hosting this event.