Declutching detectors are used to ascertain whether sheet piles have remained interlocked over their entire length during installation. Although the goal is always for all sheet piling to be interlocked, circumstances can nevertheless arise causing planks to uncouple. This might occur, for example, as a result of obstacles in the soil or owing to an extremely hard substratum.

Although declutching detectors cannot prevent the occasional plank from uncoupling, it is extremely important to be aware of whether planks are properly interlocked or whether any doubt exists in that regard. Armed with this knowledge, it can be decided whether measures need to be taken in advance. This can prevent possible problems from arising later on in the project, as well as any related costs.

There are various types of declutching detector on the market, but these systems are usually rather costly, unreliable or even dangerous. This situation led to Sterk developing its own type of declutching detector. Sterk’s Discontinuiteit© type of declutching detector is a straightforward system that is quite easy to use. In addition, Sterk has devised a comprehensive protocol for the use of declutching detectors, which includes capturing on video the installation of every sheet-piling plank.

Soil Remediation in Katwijk, the Netherlands: Declutching Detectors

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