For as long as Sterk has been in existence, we have taken an innovative approach in our specialist field. We attach great value to creative and professional members of staff capable of coming up with advanced ideas. Our technical experts then translate these concepts into practicable designs.

More powerful and more efficient
We are constantly investigating ways to make our machines even more powerful and efficient and increase their capacity. The development of the ETEC 880 series is a good example of this. Among this hydraulic crane’s features is a unique telescopic boom component. Thanks to this telescopic boom, the ETEC is able to put sheet piling in place up to a distance of 21 metres while, nevertheless, having extremely compact conveyance dimensions.

Surroundings and the environment
At Sterk, we focus closely on the locality and environmental factors. This has led to the development of a fluid-injection (also known as water-jetting) system . We use this system not only to make it easier to install steel sheet piling by (static) pressure where substrata are heavier, but also to reduce the nuisance caused by noise and vibrations.

Customer requirements and operating conditions are also challenging us to adapt and update our techniques. Hence our motto: if we can’t get the job done with standard or existing equipment we’ll make our own! An example of this is our special built sheet pile extractor.