Installing sheet piling through static pressure has a number of significant advantages compared with its installation using vibration techniques.

For example, installation using static pressure avoids the creation of any vibrations that might cause damage to adjoining structures in the vicinity. It also prevents compaction of the subsoil, which further reduces the risk of environmental damage or damage to neighbouring buildings. In addition, it keeps noise nuisance to a minimum. And less noise nuisance for the neighbourhood as well! However, it is often a more expensive technique than vibration-installed sheet piling. This is because its production speed is lower. All things considered, the pressure-based installation of sheet piling is generally a good alternative if high-frequency vibration has been ruled out as an installation technique owing to environmental factors.

When it comes to pressing in steel sheet piling, Sterk has at its disposal pressure rigs developed by the company itself. We also have a state-of-the-art Silent Piler at our disposal.

Pressure rigs
Our pressure rigs are special cranes that can be easily equipped with a sheet-pile press on site. The rigs are transported with a fixed leader and thus can be made operational extremely quickly. The sheet piling is installed in batches of four individual planks, which ensures a high rate of productivity. In connection with this, the leader is responsible for accurate guidance when pressing in the sheet-pile planks.

Silent Piler
The Silent Piler operates under an entirely different principle. It is a compact pile-pressing machine capable of travelling across the sheet piling autonomously. It presses the sheet piling into the ground by clamping onto the sheet piling already in situ or by using a starting frame that incorporates ballast. Owing to its modest scale, the Silent Piler can be deployed in locations otherwise very difficult to access and is ideally suited to working environments subject to height restrictions.

Aids & Appliances
Depending on the foundation, getting the sheet piling to reach the required depth may prove difficult or fail. In such cases, we are able to employ technology to reduce soil resistance, such as pre-drilling or water jetting. A crusher can be deployed if necessary in the event that any obstacles are encountered in the subsoil.

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Pressing sheet piles with the Woltman THW5525

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Pressing sheet piles with the Woltman THW7528