Sterk has installed complete fender walls on many occasions. These have often been in combination with other foundation work. Sterk is an ideal partner in that respect owing to the very comprehensive package of services that we have to offer. This ranges from prefabrication to the installation (while afloat on water) and finishing of a variety of components. All of this goes hand-in-hand with our many years of experience in terms of the installation of tubular piles and sheet piling.

Drachten is the location of the Sterk Metaal welding plant, where our professional and well-equipped welders are able to prefabricate extremely large structures. These can then be transported by land or water. To accomplish this, Sterk has at its disposal its own (modular coupling) pontoons and tugboats, which can also be deployed for the ultimate installation of structures using one (or more) of our cranes.

Thus we are able to undertake a wide range of work. In the case of the new Johan Friso Lock in Stavoren, for example, Sterk put in place a good deal more than simply the fender and guide walls. We also installed two temporary construction pits for the lock heads, the sheet piling for the cut-off walls.